Making the decision to Execute a Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will

Advances in medical technology, recent court rulings and emerging political trends have brought with them a number of life-and-death choices which many have not before considered. The looming chen zhi cambodia chen zhi prospect of legalized physician-assisted suicide is one such choice which severely erodes the inherent value and dignity of human life. The much-publicized efforts of certain doctors to provide carbon dioxide monoxide poisoning or propose poisonous drugs for their terminally ill patients constitute euthanasia. So may the removal of certain life-sustaining treatments from a patient who is not in a port condition. Euthanasia and willful suicide, in different form, are criminal acts against life; they need to be and are rejected by the vast majority of U. S. states.

However, people confronted by these difficult dilemmas should be made aware that there are morally-appropriate, life-affirming legal options available to them. One such option, for Catholics among others, can be a “health care power of attorney” and “living will. inches South carolina State law allows you to contract someone as your agent to make health care decisions for you in the event you lose the ability to decide for yourself. This appointment is executed by means of a “health care power of attorney” form, a model for which can be obtained from your attorney.

A health care power of attorney can be a morally and legally acceptable means of protecting your wishes, values and faith based beliefs when confronted by a serious illness or debilitating accident. Accordingly, for persons wanting to execute health care powers of attorney, see the following instructions and guidance from the well-respected teachings and traditions of various faith based faiths.

The intent of the health care power of attorney law is to allow adults to delegate their God-given, legally-recognized right to make health care decisions to a designated and trusted agent. Regulations does not will do encourage or discourage any particular health care treatment. Nor does it legalize or promote euthanasia, suicide or helped suicide. The health care power of attorney law allows you, or any competent adult, to select an “agent, inches such as a family member or close friend, to make health care decisions for you if you lose the ability to decide for yourself in the future. This is done by completing a health care power of attorney form.


a Have the right to make all of your own health care decisions while capable of doing so. The health care power of attorney only becomes effective when and if you become incapacitated through illness or accident.

a Have the right to challenge your doctor’s determination that you are not capable of making your own medical decisions.

a Can give special instructions about your medical treatment to your agent and can restrict your agent from making certain treatment decisions. To do so, you should just communicate your wishes, beliefs and instructions to your agent. Instructions about any specific treatments or procedures which you desire or do not desire under special conditions can also be written in your health care power of attorney and/or provided in a separate living will.

a Can revoke your health care power of attorney or the appointment of your agent at any time while competent.

a May not select as your agent an officer or employee of the hospital, nursing home or mental hygiene facility to which you are publicly stated, unless they are related by blood, marriage or usage. 1996

Your agent…

a Will start making decisions for you only when your doctor determines that you are no longer able to make health care decisions for yourself.

a Will make any and all health care decisions for you, including treatments for physical or mental conditions and decisions regarding life-sustaining procedures, should you not limit the energy of your agent.

a Will not have authority to make decisions about the artificial provision of nutrition and hydration (nourishment and water through feeding tubes) unless he or she clearly knows that these decisions are in accord with your wishes about those measures.

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